Do you know Doctor Who?

There are many in the world who dare to call themselves a Whovian. What is a Whovian? Some one who loves the show Doctor Who! Someone who admits that Doctor Who is their favorite pass time.

Now time to test to see if YOU have what it takes to be a true Whovian. This test will take random facts about the show and formulate them into questions only true Whovians would know. Good Luck. And ALLONS-Y!!!

Created by: Jessie
  1. Who did not play a major character in Doctor Who?
  2. Who was the Face of Boe?
  3. What Alien race does the Doctor hate most?
  4. Who is the Impossible Girl?
  5. Does Melody Pond know the Doctor's name?
  6. What does the A in TARDIS stand for?
  7. In " The Eleventh Hour" Amy dresses up in a costume to investigate the Doctor. What did she dress up as?
  8. Where did the Doctor take Amy and Rory on their first trip?
  9. What Alien Race were disguised as shadows?
  10. What is the Shadow Proclamation?
  11. Which actor played the Doctor for only one episode? (Hint 50th anniversary)
  12. Which character was Bad Wolf?
  13. How many episodes did we see Weeping Angels? (So far)
  14. Including the original series, how many Daleks were given names?
  15. Were pig slaves slaves of the Daleks or Cybermen?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Doctor Who?