How well do you know Doctor Who

This quiz is to test how well you know Doctor Who and are you a True Whovian. It's ok if you get a couple answers wrong, remember this is just for fun and isn't highly important to life.

Take this quiz and see how well you know Doctor Who stuff! Are you a supporter or just a fan or do you have a Whovian obsession?Find out and have fun playing!

Created by: Tessamazing
  1. What is a Daleks catchphrase?
  2. Who's grave is at Trenzalore?
  3. Who always said brilliant?
  4. How old was Matt Smith when he first played the Doctor?
  5. Who got trapped in the parallel universe by force?
  6. Who was the Face of Boe?
  7. What can the Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver not do?
  8. What kind of shoes does the 10th doctor wear? What kind of hairstyle? What kind of clothes?
  9. In what order did the 10th Doctor meet his companions?
  10. When did Doctor Who first broadcast?
  11. Who played the 9th Doctor?
  12. Who was the impossible girl?
  13. What was 10th's last words before he regenerated to Matt Smith?
  14. Who was River Song's parents?
  15. What does TARDIS stand for?
  16. How many regenerations have there been so far? 1963-2017(last question)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Doctor Who