How Whovian are you? (Doctors 9-11)

We have whovians out there, it is true, but they need to be recognized! Let's show our whovian spirit with this quiz! These should be easy questions if you're a whovian! :)

Are you whovian? Are you not? I bet you want to find out how whovian you really are, whether you're thinking:'What the hay is Doctor Who?', 'I think I've heard of this show...', 'I'm very whovian! ^-^' or even 'I'm getting there, just a few more seasons and I'll understand everything about Doctor Who!'. This quiz will help you determine how whovian you really are! :D

Created by: Lizzzy

  1. Who played the 8th doctor just before he died?
  2. Who was the first person the 9th doctor met?
  3. What did the 10th doctor say just before he turned into the 11th doctor?
  4. What was the 10th doctor's real name? (This should be a no-brainer!)
  5. What was the 9th doctor's catchphrase?
  6. What was the 10th doctor's catchphrase?
  7. What was the 11th doctor's catchphrase?
  8. What does TARDIS stand for?
  9. What is something the 11th doctor almost ALWAYS must have?
  10. Why is he called 'the Doctor'?
  11. Where was the doctor born? ;)

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Quiz topic: How Whovian am I? (Doctors 9-11)