How whovian are you?

Many people claim to be a true whovian, but that doesn't mean they are! Take this test to see if you know you're wibbly wobbly from you timey windy, you're Geronimo from your fantastic!

Are YOU a true whovian? Do you have the time lord knowledge to make it in this quiz? Find out now in just a few quick minutes. You never know, you may be a secret time lord!

Created by: Lottie

  1. We'll start off easy... What is the name of the "impossible girl"?
  2. Which companion had a spinning christmas tree in their living room?
  3. Which doctor said this: Don't forget the banana! Good source of potassium!
  4. What was the name.of the first producer of Doctor Who?
  5. Why is John Hurt not referred to as the 9th Doctor?
  6. Which doctor made a cameo appearance at the end of the day of the Doctor?
  7. *spoiler alert* Who did Captain Jack Harkness turn out to be?
  8. Which doctor first met the cyber men?
  9. What was the name of the episode where the cybermen made their first appearance?
  10. In the episode Dooms day, what are the name of the Cult of Skaro?
  11. Confusing one - Which characters' actress is married to David Tennant and is the Daughter of the fifth doctor and has recently had the doctors daughter?
  12. And finally, an easy on to finish! Who is River Songs mother?

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Quiz topic: How whovian am I?