Doctor Who Quiz

There are Whovians, and there are fake whovians. Which one are you? Are you better than anybody? Let's see how high your score can get. Are you a true Whovian or a fake one? Or, maybe, you're even a wholockian.

Can you do it? Can you beat the Doctor Who knowledge? I hope you can! Good luck and beat those Daleks, and delete some people while your at it! Good luck, my Whovian!

Created by: Clara Oswald

  1. The Doctor: Ello! Welcome to the Doctor Who quiz! *pulls out card* I am sorry for your pet/human/friend loss- oh wait wrong card. CLARA!!! Anyway, sorry about that. Shall we get started? Yes. We shall. What are the coolest things on earth?
  2. The Doctor: Moving on, then! Who is the actor that played the 10th Doctor?
  3. The Doctor: Now, now, now, no need to rush you, but who was (OBVIOUSLY) my favorite companion?
  4. The Doctor: I hope it's been going well for you! There is only a few more questions left. Now, who were the companions that went into two different "Dream" worlds?
  5. The 10th Doctor: Now, now, now, Matt, don't be hoggin' it all! You're a... hogger. Anywhosies! Who forgot how many children were on Gallifrey?
  6. The 9th Doctor: This is fantastic! A quiz all about us? Anyway,- The 10th Doctor: Now, you hold on a minute! Shall we ask this question together? The 9th Doctor: ...Fine. *murmurs* you're not fantastic. The 10th Doctor: Who did me and Christopher share? The 9th Doctor: SHARE?! I practically got one week with her! The 10th Doctor: shhhHhHhhh
  7. The 11th Doctor: What did I say was a "big red sucky thing"? The 10th Doctor: I THINK THEY GET THE POINT!
  8. The 12th Doctor: Clara,- oh... um... Clara: *writes on board* How are you going to win the quiz? *writes on board again* What was the last thing I wore called?
  9. Clara: *writes on board* What color were my eyes?
  10. The 10th Doctor: ____ has left the library. ____ will be saved.

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