Are You Sure You're A Whovian?

Many people believe they are Whovians (fans of Doctor Who), but don't know as much as they think they do. They might think, for example, that Daleks come from Gallifrey (shameful).

This test form of a quiz is to help you better realize which category of Whovianism you belong to are you a beginner? A noob? an expert? Find out with this test!

Created by: Tiffany

  1. When was Doctor Who first aired, and when was it rebooted?
  2. How many times has the Doctor regenerated?
  3. What does TARDIS stand for?
  4. Who first played The Doctor?
  5. How long was Tom Baker's scarf?
  6. Bow ties are what?
  7. Which is NOT a Doctor Who quote?
  8. How long has Doctor Who been running?
  9. How old is The Doctor?
  10. How many hearts and brains does The Doctor have?
  11. How many times is Rory presumed dead?
  12. Who played Rose Tyler, The Doctor's first companion in the reboot?
  13. What is Clara Oswald's full name?
  14. What species is the Doctor?
  15. Which villain is featured in Doctor Who: The Movie?
  16. Which is NOT a Doctor Who monster?
  17. How many seasons did Doctor Who run before it was cancelled the first time?
  18. What is the home planet of the Abzorbaloff?
  19. In what episode does River Song die?
  20. Who currently plays The Doctor

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Quiz topic: Am I Sure You're A Whovian?