Doctor Who- Seasons 1- 5 (NEW)

Very few Whovians are worthy of traveling in the TARDIS with The Doctor himself. Do you have what it takes? Find out with this quiz on series 1-5. Come along, Pond.

Do you believe that you are a true and devoted Doctor Who geek? Let's see if your right! I doubt any human can pass this quiz. And yes that is a challenge. Grab you bowtie, banana, and sonic screwdriver and get to it! Allonsy!

Created by: TARDISluver
  1. Who accompanies the 11 Doctor in season 5?
  2. Which of these catch phrases does the tenth Doctor use frequently?
  3. The image of an angel....
  4. When do you first meet River Song?
  5. What should you always bring to party?
  6. What does raxacorococalapatorius mean?
  7. Amy leaves....
  8. Who is Amy engaged to?
  9. What is the name of the Zocci on the Titanic?
  10. River Song has a diary full of her adventures with the Doctor. When he tries to look at it, she says:
  11. David Tennant always wears:

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