A Flight of Fantasy

This is the first quiz of a series I'm starting. It's a mystery/adventure type quiz where you will be role-playing as the main character. You will have the same name and look the same as you really do, but everything else will be made up.

I'd like to dedicate this quiz to xxblutixx, a phenomenal GoToQuiz writer. I strongly recommend her series 'Don't leave me hanging.' Her quizzes make up one of the greatest stories I've ever heard. If you like fantasy stories, I definitely suggest you check them out.

Created by: goodgirlo
  1. Role play: You live in a small town called Henderville with your parents and younger sister, Autumn. You are a student at Ravenwood Junior High School. Your two best friends are a girl named Tabitha Nelson and a boy named Aidan Smith. Tabitha has waist-length wavy black hair, pale-ish skin, and slanted green eyes. You and her other friends call her Taby. Aidan is tan with short brown hair, brown eyes, and a freckled face. More characters will come in later on. ______ is your name. Now, into the story.
  2. "______! ______! You're going to be late for school," your mom says as she knocks on your door. You groggily lift your head off of the pillow and pull back the covers of your bed. "I'm ready," you lie. "Good," your mother replies. You hear her march off down the hall as you drag yourself out of your bed and over to the closet to get dressed. You dress in:
  3. After getting dressed, you walk downstairs and slouch into the kitchen to butter some toast for breakfast. You sit down with your food next to your sister Autumn, whose fiery red hair has obviously not been brushed. "Hi," she says through a mouthful of cereal. "Good morning," you mutter, still have asleep. Autumn finishes her breakfast and throws her schoolbag over her shoulder. "Have a nice day at school!" she says as she walks out the door. You finish your toast as well and wash your plate. You take your things and walk to the bus stop, only to discover that you've missed your bus.
  4. You realize you'll have to ride your bike to school. You walk back to your driveway and pull your bicycle out of the garage. You sling your bag over the handlebars and ride out onto the rode. Your bicycle is:
  5. Once you arrive at school, you hurry to your English class before the bell rings. You scoot into a seat next to your friend Taby Nelson, who smiles at you and hands you a note under the table before the teacher notices. It says, 'How was your weekend? Trina and I visited your great-grandfather's museum.' Your great-grandfather opened a museum in the town square decades ago after the Great Depression ended, because your town had been strongly affected and he had wanted people of the future to realize how hard things had been in history, so they could properly appreciate how lucky we are nowadays. The museum features forty-three exhibits on the Great Depression and is currently owned by your grandfather. Your great-grandfather passed away over thirteen years ago, on the very same day you were born.
  6. Class begins before you can respond to Taby's note, and you pull out your textbook, laying it flat on your desk. As soon as you do, a slip of paper falls onto the floor at your feet. Frowning, you pick it up and start to unfold it. "______, we're focusing on our textbooks right now," the teacher, Ms. Emerson, says in that calm but utterly irritating tone that all teachers have. You slip the note into your pocket to read later.
  7. After class ends, you, Taby, and your other friend Aidan walk to lunch. Standing in line, you remember the note in your pocket and reach to pull it out, but a finger taps you on the shoulder and you turn around. It's another of your friends, Carter Carlton. He's tiny and skinny with pale blonde hair. With his baggy clothes and his hazel eyes magnified by huge glasses, he looks like a nerd, but's he super polite and friendly. "Did you save us a seat?" you ask. "Of course." Carter smiles, revealing his braces. "What did you get for lunch?" you ask. "I brought my own," he replies, holding up a bag with a sandwich inside.
  8. While you and your friends are eating lunch, someone sits down next to Aidan. You recognize him from your class; it's the school prankster, Jeremy Greensedge. You've always thought that he was annoying and immature, although a lot of kids find him really funny. "Hey Aidan," he whispers as if the rest of you can't hear. "After school today, I'm going to put a wet banana peel in the principal's office. Frank stole the key to the janitor's closet, and we're hoping to find something in there that we can wedge underneath the window. Got any interest in helping us out." Aidan rolls his eyes at you, making sure Jeremy can't see, but all he says is, "No, thank you, Jeremy." "Suit yourself," says Jeremy, already running off to find his friend Frank.
  9. After lunch, Aidan goes ahead to the math classroom to talk to the teacher about his homework and Taby goes to the bathroom, so you and Carter stroll through the halls by yourselves for a few minutes, talking idly. When you walk past the English classroom, you almost trip over something on the floor. There are two paper-wrapped packages on the ground. The smaller one is marked 18 in black marker, and the larger one has white stickers on it that say 19. "Who are those for?" you ask. "I don't know," says Carter, "but let's take them to Ms. Emerson. Maybe she knows." You each take a package and carry it into the classroom. You bring package number:
  10. Ms. Emerson is scrolling through something on her laptop when you and Carl walk into the classroom and set the packages down on her desk. "I don't know where these came from," she says after you tell her where you found them, "but I'll take them to the principal's office after school. He'll probably know what to do with them." The bell rings and you and Carter hurry into math class, forgetting about the packages for the time being.
  11. After the bell rings and school ends, you, Taby, Aidan, and Carter walk outside. They prepare to get on the bus while you ready your bike. "Hey, how about we go to the movies tonight? They're playing Star Wars at the Henderville Theater," Aidan suggests. Carter and Taby both nod eagerly, but you shake your head. "Sorry, but I have to babysit Autumn tonight. My parents are going to a concert." "That's too bad," Taby says. "You guys can go without me," you suggest. Aidan shakes his head. "No, we won't go without you. We can do something tomorrow night." Just then the bus pulls up and your friends get on, waving goodbye to you. You hop on your bike and start home. You're going too fast to notice that the slip of paper you found earlier has fluttered out of your pocket and fallen on the road behind you.
  12. Well, that's the end of this quiz. I'm going to make a part two soon. It's true that this part didn't have much action, but this quiz is just the introduction for the series. Much more is going to happen later. The results are a little confusing, but they will be explained later. I hope you liked this quiz!

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