How compatible are you with my main character?

I began writing my high fantasy novel at five years of age. Of course, in ten years it has changed drastically. I'm done with book 1, of what will be a 4 book series. It's a classic fantasy style but in modern language and thought. YouTube channel coming soon. I don't want to give away too much of my book for fear of someone pirating it. Of course, when it's done and copyrighted, I'll tell you all about it!

This quiz is to determine how well you would get along with one of my main protagonists. This was created for my Patreon, but anyone can take it! Have fun!

Created by: Jada Feiri of Patreon
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  1. My protagonist is a girl, are you okay with that?
  2. Are you good at fighting?
  3. Do you have an older sibling?
  4. How would you react to not being able to go on a trip because it's 'too dangerous'
  5. Are you more akin to dogs or cats?
  6. Are you mixed race?
  7. What weapon combo?
  8. Do you often feel left out?
  9. Are you the youngest in your group of friends?
  10. If you were asked to do a math sheet that you already learned five years ago, what would you do?
  11. If your dad asked you leave the room so him and your brother could talk, what would you do?
  12. Do you like nature?
  13. Are you a vegan?
  14. How would you react to people getting away with something that just doesn't feel right?
  15. Do you love your friends and family with a passion?
  16. Would you back down from a situation in which by all logic you shouldn't be in, but still feel it's right, even if you were more scared than ever before?
  17. Extrovert, ambivert or introvert?
  18. Do you fight for what you believe in?
  19. Do you have a temper?
  20. Are you easily excited?
  21. Do you have a good idea of when to be serious and when not to be?
  22. Have you done a lot of stuff for your age or did you when you were young?
  23. Are you a little shy?
  24. Have you ever felt discriminated?
  25. Now lastly, do you need companionship?

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Quiz topic: How compatible am I with my main character?