How much of a fantasy book person are you REALLY?

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Fantasy books. In the opinions of some people; "Great!" or "Ok" or "Ugh, just throw Fantasy in the garbage!" or even, "OMG FANTASY BOOKS ARE AWSOME! DON'T READ THEM? FEEL THE SHAME!"

What about you? Where do you speak? What's your say? Curious? Get ready to prove you are Definitely a true fantasy book lover! So come on up! Don't be shy! Be a true Fantasy hero!

Created by: ~CelestialSkys~
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  1. First off, have you read fantasy books before?
  2. Have you read anything by Rick Riordan?
  3. Erin Hunter?
  4. Michael Buckley?
  5. Ever read Harry Potter?
  6. Alright, now some real questions... in Harry Potter, what core was in Draco Malfoy's wand?
  7. In the Companions quartet, what was the first magical creature Connie saw?
  8. In Erin Hunter's Warrior series, Fireheart's closest friend from WindClan is...
  9. In the series Heroes of Olympus, who was Piper's mother?
  10. Now more real questions. What was the first fantasy play made for children?
  11. How often do you read Fantasy books?
  12. Last one... How messy is your desk?

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Quiz topic: How much of a fantasy book person am I REALLY?