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This quiz is based on the Fighting Fantasy game book series created by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. Since 1982 this book series has brought over 60 adventures and sold over 17 million copies worldwide.

Fighting Fantasy adventures usually took place on the world of Titan where YOU become the hero. This quiz contains 20 questions related to the series.

Created by: Jam Hirons

  1. For sleeping of the sleepless ram, seek out the one they call ...?
  2. Baron Sukumvit may be found in which prospering Allansian town?
  3. Which artist provided the artwork for the cover of Temple Of Terror?
  4. What gives Firetop Mountain its name?
  5. In which book are you likely to find Jesper?
  6. Who is the master of the Theives Guild in Port Blacksand?
  7. In which book can you find a Pouch Of Unlimited Contents?
  8. Alkis Alkiviades is better known to Fighting Fantasy fans as...?
  9. In which book can you scare a psychic to death?
  10. What do you need to retrieve from the Gargantis?
  11. The most popular ale that Orcs drink is named...?
  12. Who murdered Baron Bluestone
  13. Fenestra is a black elf but her name is also Latin for...?
  14. Calbert turns into a Vampire after taking his own life in which book?
  15. Which wizard is rather partial to chocolate cake?
  16. Martin Mckenna's first book as a Fighting Fantasy artist was...?
  17. The retrieval of the Black Grimoire is the objective in which book?
  18. Which Fighting Fantasy book contains the most references?
  19. Blood Of The Zombies commemorates which anniversary of the Fighting Fantasy series?
  20. Do you know the name of the Puffin bigwig who greenlit The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain?

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