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This will show you how well you know Weston Court and gives yourself a title at the end of the quiz depending on your score!! Please don't get too offended by your title. Once you have completed this quiz leave a message on the Weston Court Myspace page and compare your results!!

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Created by: Weston Court of www.myspace.com/westoncourt
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  1. What is the address of Weston Court
  2. How many cars have been broken in and outside of weston court?
  3. Who broke into the cars?
  4. How many squirrels live in the tree by the bins?
  5. How much is chcolate in the court yard
  6. What block is flat 7 in?
  7. How many car park spaces are there in weston court?
  8. Is weston court run by
  9. What is the Irish Guys name on recpetion
  10. Is Weston Court the best place to live

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