Baseball Hall of Fame our Supreme Court Justice?

What can be more different than the Supreme Court and the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame? Some bat for power, while some wield it...for life. They do have one thing in common though... Great Names.

Is your mind so quick that you know the difference between Korematsu and Wakamatsu? Kevin Brown vs. the Board of Education? Cooper vs. Hank Aaron? Plessy vs Bob Ferguson?

Created by: 4thesakeofargument
  1. Grover Cleveland Alexander
  2. George Shiras Jr.
  3. Abe Fortas
  4. David Hackett Souter
  5. Arthur Joseph Goldberg
  6. Ray Dandridge
  7. Felix Frankfurter
  8. John Montgomery Ward
  9. Benjamin Cardozo
  10. Hal Newhouser
  11. Harlan Fiske Stone
  12. Osbourne Earl Smith
  13. Mahlon Pitney
  14. Philip Francis Rizzuto
  15. Albert Fred "Red" Schoendienst
  16. Mordecai Brown
  17. Rufus Wheeler Peckham
  18. Connie Mack
  19. Robert Bork
  20. Mel Ott

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