Big Girls Dont Cry Part #5

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Hi! Please tell me in the comments if I should continue the series! I need to know so I don't waste time continuing a series that no one likes or reads. Thanks!!!

Hi! Please tell me in the comments if I should continue the series! I need to know so I don't waste time continuing a series that no one likes or reads. Thanks!!!!

Created by: KoolKittyKat

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  1. Hey guys! Before we start I want to say something. I want to thank all of you who read my series and comment and rate!!!! I just started it yesterday and were already on #5!!!! I hope you guys enjoy the series!!!!!
  2. I yawned and turned off my alarm. It was the first day of school. 11th grade to be exact. Two more years and then collage. Wow. I ran to my closet and pulled out a purple tank top with a Jean jacket, skinny jeans, and purple flats. Perfect! I threw my cloths on and slid down the bainster. I skipped into the kitchen. I quickly ate my waffles and ran outside to catch the bus. As I got onto the bus, Ginny waved at me from the back. I walked toword her and sat beside her. " Hey Sam!" Ginny said happily. She has long black hair that was pulled into a braid. She has blue eyes. She wore a yellow tank top, a blue Jean jacket, shorts, and flip flops. " Hey Ginny," I said to her happily. We talked for what seemed like FOREVER. We FINALLY pulled up to the schools lot. All of us ran off the bus. As soon as I got off, I did a backflip for no reson. Ginny laughed and I cartwheeled inside. I went to my locker I had last year. I had the same locker this year. Yay! I twisted my locker open and pushed my books inside it. I took some back out and put them on the floor. I took some posters out of my purse and taped them to my locker. Just then, the bell rang loudly. I ran to homeroom. It went by fast. I looked at my sceduale. Next was study hall. They bell rung again and I walked to study hall. I took out a book and read it for a hour. They bell rang again. Lunch Ring! P.E.. Ring! Art. Ring! Math. Ring! Reading. Ring! Done. I trotted to my locker. Mmm. What smells like corndogs? Hmmmm. I put my books inside my locker and walked outside. I jumped on the bus and went to the very back. I saved Ginny a seat. She never showed up. I sighed. I took out my notebook and drew sadly. The bus stopped and yelled out my name. I picked up my bag and got off the bus. When I walked inside my house, my dog Sparkles jumped all over me. I laughed. I ran upstairs and did my homework. It wasent much. My mom said it was dinner time. I slid down the bainster and wentinto the kitchen my mom handed me a paper plate with pizza on it. I took it upstairs and ate it quickly. I then fell asleep.
  3. That's all for now srry just skip the rest
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