Is he right for you

Some people who are in relAtionships now are not happy, and thats because they didnt know if that person was right for him! Knowing if hes right is a big bonus in an awesome relationship..... You both should share a part in a wonderful relationship

All us girls may think that you like that special someone but dont you wanna know if he is right for you? Answer honestly and be real and ginuene and for cryin out LOUD!!!Take this quiz to find out....

Created by: Nijah
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  1. Your crush texted or emailed you a sweet message on your bday. This is not unusual for him.
  2. Yep, mom met him, and-surprise-she approves(can be in a boyfriend way or a friend way)
  3. You both listen to the same tunes on your iPod.
  4. If you asked him to a J-biebs show, he'd definitely come
  5. You (sort of) get along with his buds when you all hang.
  6. You feel comfortable being yourself around him
  7. His ex girlfriends probably miss him more then diss him
  8. He's the only guy your currently crushin on
  9. If you were sick at home he'd call and check in
  10. You know his favorite tv shows, movies, b-day, phone number(by heart), his full name, zodic sign, favorite color, football jersey number(or any other sport)

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