attachment styles

The world of relationships and feelings can be very confusing place for most of us. Why do some people jump from relationship to relationship while others enjoy the single life?

Discover your attachment style and what it means for your relationships. Learn which styles work best together which are a recipe for a turbulent partnership.

Created by: jimmywilliams
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  1. After a break up I feel...
  2. I fall in love quickly
  3. I am the assertive one in my relationships
  4. I feel good when my partner is completely reliant on me.
  5. I feel empty when I am not in a relationship.
  6. I disregard my own desires for the sake of others.
  7. Being dependent on other people makes me uncomfortable.
  8. It takes a while before I let people in.
  9. I panic when someone wants me to commit to them.
  10. I feel an unexplainable urge to break a relationship off when I feel it getting serious.

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