Cords of Attachment, What You Don't Know Could Hurt

Cords of attachment are a universal problem, with us since childhood. Though invisible to the naked eye, cords are very real. You need not be a clairvoyant to see them. You just need training to use the gifts that God gave you. All your life, you have been using these gifts for deeper perception, even if you haven't yet learned how to direct those gifts toward cutting cords.

However you perceive them (and even if you never notice them consciously) even little cords can cause big problems. Actually, an estimated 85% of relationship problems can show improvement as the result of professional quality work with removing the related cords of attachment. Yet few people even know what cords are. Test your knowledge here.

Created by: Rose Rosetree of Deeper Perception Made Practical
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  1. A cord of attachment is made of:
  2. Ok, cords do lodge in auras. But what exactly is an aura?
  3. When you have a cord of attachment, it:
  4. A cord is first formed when you have:
  5. Usually, once formed, a cord will stay with you:
  6. When a cord of attachment is properly cut, you will gain:
  7. The most beautiful part of a relationship:
  8. If you are dating, cutting a cord can help you to:
  9. If you have ever had to break up with a lover, cutting cords can help you to:
  10. Cords of attachment to parents can be removed:
  11. Have you been adopted? Then cutting cords of attachment to your birth parents:
  12. The best way to cut a cord of attachment is:

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