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This is a quiz for guys and girls about dating and relationships. This quiz is designed to help you with one of the hardest things in life... Being or getting in a relationship.

I hope this quiz helps and if you would like to share your experiences or ask questions feel free to do so in the comments. I try to reply to them ASAP.

Created by: ILuvHolister
  1. So i see that you are taking this quiz. This is for people who have had relationship problems.Although its probably a better quiz for girls. After you finish you can direct questions to the comments.
  2. Problem.... Not spending time together. How do u solve that?
  3. Not dating yet... For guys. How to ask her out... Online.
  4. Guys asking her out.. in a note or text.
  5. Not dating yet for girls. How to ask him out online.
  6. Girls asking him out.... Text or letter.
  7. Problem... People against you two as a couple.
  8. Problem... Don't know how to break up.
  9. Problem... You act super weird around him/her.
  10. Problem... Your significant other is always dragging you to the mall/video game shop. (You do not like it.)
  11. Comment and rate.

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