Frozen Fire: A love story pt 2

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Welcome to part 2 of the climactic love story. Following Elouise through boy problems, you get the full experience! This quiz took HOURS to finish XD

If you want advice on any boy problems you have, feel free to comment. I will give advice to anyone! I hope you enjoy this instalment of the series. Let me know what you think!

Created by: Japanese_Potato
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  1. Ok, so we got to the bit where you were eating lunch with Phil??
  2. You wrapped your arms around Phil's neck. He grabs your waist and kisses you. It feels amazing. A warm tingle spreads through your body like poison. You pull yourself closer, feeling Phil's hand stroking your hip slowly. He is a surprisingly good kisser. He breaks away, still holding you close. You smile a little and he takes your hand. His other hand picks up one of your sandwiches. "Hungry?" He whispered, grinning. You nod and let him put the sandwich in your hand. You hear a cough behind you. You turn around, to see...
  3. You see Tyler, Dan, Jason and Peter, all staring directly at you. You immediately go a little red. Tyler is frowning at Phil. Dan is smiling a little, Jason is open-mouthed and Peter is avoiding eye contact with anyone.
  4. You gasp as you see them. Phil looks at his feet. Tyler growls and launches himself at Phil!
  5. Tyler pinned Phil to the wall. He held him in a choke. You stand up. "TYLER STOP!" you scream.
  6. You throw yourself in Tyler's direction. You shove him off Phil, who is still against the wall. You hug Phil, and turn around protectively to see if anyone else is going to attack him. They just stare at you.
  7. You look at the boys with irritation. "C'mon guys! say something!" Dan rubs the back of his neck and cleared his throat. "We saw everything." He said. Jason just stared at you. Peter ran off, clearly nervous. You..
  8. Whatever you do, this part is later. You're sat in English. You decided to sit away from Dan and Jason to avoid awkwardness. You lose focus as the teacher drones on and on. Out of nowhere, a ball of paper hits you in the back of the head. You turn around and pick it up. You open it and it says, "Can we talk? J" You write "Yeah. Can you pass the note, not hit me with it??" How are you feeling??
  9. You get the note back. "Dan and Phil are coming to." You look at the teacher to check she wasn't looking, then wrote "Cool, where to?" You pass the note back, not turning to make eye-contact with either boys.
  10. CLIFFHANGER! Please comment and rate! It really boosts my confidence.

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