Warrior Cat Love Story = part 2

Hi this is part 2 of my series Warrior Cat Love Story it is about a young cat named Silverheart that u play the role of and u have a bunch of toms that love u but u must choose only one.

Which cat will u choose The brave Flameclaw? Popular Sunfur? Shy stargazer? Fun Hawkheart? Or the jealous Falconswoop? Do this quiz to find out ur true warrior cat love.

Created by: Rubyheart529
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  1. Hey sorry this quiz is only for girls sorry I didn't put that in the title but girls only not boys.
  2. Where were we oh yea u heard a sound coming from the direction of where Falconswoop Hawkheart and Wolfang were right?
  3. So u rush through the forest to find a band of rogues attacking Falconswoop Hawkheart and Wolfang! What do you do?
  4. Whatever u chose u end up fighting. A black rogue pins u down and is about to sink his teeth into ur throat but a golden furred tom jumps and bowls over the rogue and saves u.what do u do?
  5. Then another tom with black fur and splotches that look like stars attacks the rogues and they help u drive off the rogues.
  6. U say" thank u so much!" "Well we couldn't let a pretty cat like u die"says the golden tom "I'm Sunfur and this is stargazer."He says and the tom with the star splotches says "hi nice to meet u"
  7. After talking u see a familiar gray pelt that lay unmoving it was Wolfang! What do u do? (And yes Wolfang is no longer a option)
  8. U carry wolfang to camp and Sunfur comforts u. U say
  9. Suddenly I collapse from a deep wound in ur side the last thing u see is Sunfur stargazer Flameclaw Falconswoop and Hawkheart clustered around u yelling for the med cat what do u dream about?
  10. (7 moons later) u wake up to hear someone say isshegoingtobeokaysoon? U open ur eyes to see Stargazer asking mothflight the med cat telling him "she will wake when she wakes ok now go" ur thoughts
  11. U slowly get up and say "I'm fine stop worrying." Stargazer rushes up to u "ur ok!" He purrs and entwines his tail with urs and licks ur cheek
  12. Going back to ur nest u close ur eyes when u hear the other toms say "she's awake? should we tell her about her father Pinestar (the leader)?" "What about my father?" U say opening ur eyes "Oh nothing now go to sleep." Says Flameclaw Licking ur ear u pull away "tell me what happened!" U demand "u see Silverheart (you) ur father has ....... CLIFFHANGER AGAIN!
  13. Please rate and comment sorry if I made some mistakes thanks for taking my quizzes!

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