Warrior cats love life (part two girls only)

SORRY i said part two its part one! this story is about a pretty cat named hollypaw lots of toms like her. im planning to put in more toms dont worry ;)

i hope everyone will like this test its my first so dont blame me if it is bad! by the way my name is silvermoon :) i love warriors and if you havent read them then you should not take this test and you should read warriors

Created by: Silvermoon

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  1. you wake up and run out of the nursery seedpaw askes hey hollykit want to play catch the moss with me?
  2. you wake up and run out of the nursery seedpaw askes hey hollykit want to play catch the moss with me?
  3. (sorry his name is seedpelt) if you said yes you go play if you said no then your mother ushers you out to play when you start playing flamepelt comes and asks you if you want to go uout of the hollow.
  4. (if you said yes to flamepelt) he takes you into the teritory and you look out on the sun set he lickes your cheek you:
  5. )if you said no then you change your mind and go with him) when you get back a cayt comes up to you "hi im hollowpaw" "hi" "do you want to lern the battlle moves i lerned today?
  6. before you can see what hollowpaw does your mother (poppyfur) starts liking you fiercely then you remember its my aprentice cerimony!let all cats old enough to hunt come here for a clan meeting you stride forward hollykit come here. "hollykkit has reached her sixth moon and i give her her aprentice name holly kit from this time forward you will be knowen as hollypaw" "hollypaw holleypaw!"
  7. your mentor speckleheart comes to you "can we go look at the territorys!? you see hollowpaw,seedpelt and flamepelt you say can i bring someone sorrelheart says yes
  8. this ---- means the tom you chose you called ---- over and asked he says shure you walk into the forest with you mentor and ---- you walk along the border while your mentor talks about the other clans suddenly you hear something you
  9. you walk a little farther you hear the samethings but louder
  10. a badger jups out of the bushes and drags you away.
  11. Cliffhanger!tell me how you like it comment if i shold add enything!

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