Are You Good At Relationships?

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Relationships. If you want my definition, relationship is nothing but a bond between two humans being in which both feels free from the stupid racing of the world.

Are YOU good at this feeling? Do you know about love? Do you know how to keep your partner happy and yourself at the same time? Find out on this quiz in a minute!

Created by: Jeeshan
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  1. Is your partner the "only" source of your happiness?
  2. Are you supportive at the hard times of your partner? (Answer honestly)
  3. Do you love your partner?
  4. Do you understand your partner's needs?
  5. In your relationship, are there any fights?
  6. Who takes most of the decision?
  7. Are you happy with the relationship?
  8. Does your partner seems to be happy?
  9. Who complaints about the relationship most of the time?
  10. Finally, is your relationship going to last, according to you?

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Quiz topic: Am I Good At Relationships?