Can you take a hint? Or are you oblivious to how your crush feels

This is a quiz made for my site, The. Dating. Game. You can find us on myspace th3datinggame My friend and I created it to help people understand more about relationships. Its a place to discuss relationships, relationship troubles and more with other experienced people.

In a few minutes you'll find out exactly how your crush is feeling about you with the symbols that are sent to you from just something as simple as a conversation.

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You ask your crush on a date, They:
Would be delighted. As long as they pay =)
Say to stop asking because its not going to happen. You brush it off because you know their just grumpy.
Nicely decline and say they have plans for weeks.
Tell you they would rather go hang at the mall as friends.
You come out and tell your crush how you feel, They:
Tell you they're flattered but aren't interested.
Who cares what they do. You know they'll like you back because you saw it in your premonition.
Tell you to shut up and watch the game with you and never mention it again.
Tell you they have felt the same for a while and can't wait to see you again.
You see your crush on a date with someone else, You:
Leave him/her alone. Who cares? Its his/her life.
Run up to them pissed off because you thought you had someone you could trust. Too bad you never asked them out.
Walk up say Hi looking hurt and walk away.. She apologises the next day and says she/he has a boyfriend/girlfriend and is happy. So you should be happy.
Well actually she's on the date with you so its all good.
You approach your crush at *anyplace* Their reaction?
They look at you and look all around the room as if looking for someone else.
They look into your eyes and nod their head.
You stare at them for as long as possible, she walks off to find a coworker who them looks at you and takes her to another room. Its okay, she's probably shy anyways.
They give you a solemn hug and ask how you've been. They ask about your poker match for the night and your in.
You constantly tell your crush that He/She is hot. They:
Tell you to stop because saying it doesn't help you at all.
Doesn't even look at you, and walks away. But that's okay, you know she loves you.
Say that you are crazy and throws a punch for fun. Buddy.
Tell you that your better looking by far.
You try to kiss your crush. They:
Turn their head away until you grab their chin and pull it towards you.
Push you away and say this doesn't feel right.
Go in for the kiss themselves and hold you in.
Turn their head and say no..
You go to a party with your crush, he/she gets drunk and you take care of them. You:
Drive them home. Walk him/her inside and call the next day yelling to irritate the hangover. They laugh it off.
Take him/her to your place and try to take advantage of the situation.
Drive him/her home, walk them inside, lay down with them. They tell you that you should go, but you stay longer just to stare at them. Then try to kiss them even after they puked.
Drive him/her home and walk them inside. You don't want to overstay your welcome and leave when she starts drifting to sleep. Its been a hard enough night for them. You kiss him/her on the head and leave.
Your crush tells you that they don't wanna be anything more than friends. You:
Become depressed and start hurting yourself.
Agree. That's fine as long as there's a chance of more in the future.
Get pissed because you don't understand.
Your crush tells you their moving away. You:
Scream, shout and cry because the world is horrible.
Accept it and hope it'll give you a chance to move on.
Tell them your coming too.
Are sad for months...
Your crush tells you that you're annoying them with your obsessiveness, so You:
Scream at them for not understanding.
Back off and feel embarrassed that they saw through your kind ways.
Tell them its only because they're so great.
Don't talk to the ever again.
Don't even listen.

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