Does he Really Like You??

Do you have a crush on a guy, but you aren't so sure he feels the same way?? Are you constantly thinking about him?? If so this is the quiz for you. let's see how he really feels about you. Are you in love or simply wasting time.

You can take the advice I'm giving out or you can ignore me, either way the tests doesnt lie. You could be wasting time, in deep deep love, or just a tad bit confused. Let's see what you get on my quiz, Does He Really Like you??

Created by: malesha of
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You see him sitting with a group of friends. Does He
  2. Do you find this guy always staring at you for longer than 2 minutes?
  3. If there was a dance coming up would he
  4. Has he ever asked you out but the timing just wasn't right??
  5. if some guy was trying to embarrass you he would
  6. has he ever said you were pretty,cute, etc.
  7. has he ever called you about things that werent school related??
  8. Why did you do this quiz??
  9. Do You think he likes you??
  10. Are you excited for the results??

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