Does your crush like you back?

This quiz can help you realise that the one special person you've been dreaming about feels the same way, or if it's not true love you're thinking of.

The questions are made up of definite starters to relationships, and by the end you really will have n idea of their true feelings about you, then there is advice on what to do in your situation.

Created by: Jodie
  1. Do you catch him/her looking at you?
  2. Do they talk to you?
  3. What do you talk about to them?
  4. Do their friends know you?
  5. Does he/she approach you?
  6. Does he/she hug you?
  7. Do they smile in your direction?
  8. How many times does he/she use your name?
  9. Does he/she seem jealous if another person is talking to you?
  10. And last but not least, the dreaded colour question.

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you back?