How much does your crush like you?

Almost everybody has a crush, right? But almost nobody can tell if their crush likes them ot not, it's hard to tell, so many people are afraid to try to talk to their crush.

Does YOUR crush like you? Does your crush like you at least enough to be friends? Or maybe even more? Find out easily in just a few minutes with this quiz!

Created by: Rose
  1. When your crush sees you, what does he or she do?
  2. Has your crush ever sat with you at lunch when he or she didn't need to?
  3. If you answered anything but "him/her sit with ME?! I haven't even dreamed that one!" in the above question, what did your crush say to you?
  4. Has he/she ever flirted with you?
  5. Have you ever been invited to a social event with less than 20 guests that your crush was also invited to, or invited you to?
  6. When someone suggests to your crush that he/she likes you, what do they do?
  7. If you make a joke with your crush and those surrounding him or her and no one laughs, what does your crush do?
  8. If you have school dances, has your crush ever asked you to dance?
  9. If you have school dances, have you asked your crush to dance? If so, how did she/he respond?
  10. Has your crush ever laughed at you recently?

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Quiz topic: How much does my crush like you?