Does Your Crush Notice You?

Does he look at you? Does he talk to you? Does he know you exist? Answer these questions and find out if your crush likes you. If he doesn't like you, and I don't see why he wouldn't, you have no right to blame me.

The best quiz to find out if your crush is crushing on you or doesn't know you exist. Or he might like you but only as friends. No matter what the results, YOU STILL ROCK!

Created by: Brittany
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  1. Does he ever look at you?
  2. Do you happen to see him everywhere he knows you are going to be?
  3. Has he ever talked to you?
  4. Does your crush know your favorite color?
  5. If you ever asked him out, what would he probably say?
  6. How does your zodiac signs go together?
  7. Do you ever see your crush around other girls.
  8. Does he smile at you?
  9. If you said hi to him what would he do?
  10. If you were sitting in a room and your crush came in where would he sit?

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Quiz topic: Does my Crush Notice You?