WWE Superstar's Entrances

WWE is a very popular show and lots of people take notice. True WWE Fans notice whathappens but some people don't even give a damn what it is! I know there have got to be some die hard wrwstling fans and if you do this, you will find out. GOOD LUCK

Do YOU take notice of the World Wrestling Entertainment business. Well your about to find out as youboard this amazing "QUEST" to find out just how much you like WWE!

Created by: Shaquille
  1. Who's Entrance Music is named" No More Words?"
  2. What is the Main Lyrics of RVD's Theme Song?
  3. What Is Kane's New Music Called?
  4. Who sings Batista's Theme Song?
  5. Who's Entrance Music is "Obsession?"
  6. Who's Theme Song do you think ilike The Best?
  7. Whos Theme Do You Like Best
  8. Matt Hardy's theme Song is?
  9. Which 2 Divas Have A Remix of the song they used to have?
  10. Which Entrance do you ike with fireworks?

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