Which Brand Are You On?

This is not a quiz for anybody who thinks that the WWE sucks and TNA or ROH rules. This is for current or future WWE Superstars. RAW, Smackdown and ECW rules! TNA and ROH are ok but are no where near as good as the World Wrestling Entertainment!

Which brand are you on. Think you're extreme but get drafted to RAW. This could cause that. At the end you will become an official superstar on the roster this quiz thought perfect for you. (May not become a WWE Superstar)

Created by: Max

  1. Which Championship would you rather hold?
  2. Which Superstar would you rather be?
  3. Who do you want as your GM?
  4. Who deserves to hold a championship?
  5. Which brand is your favourite?
  6. Matt Hardy is a Smackdown Superstar. Which brand does he hold Tag Titles on?
  7. Who does Matt Hardy hold those Titles with?
  8. Who won the ECW World Title Match at Wrestlemania 23?
  9. Who won the WWE Title Match at Wrestlemaina 23?
  10. Who won the World Heavywieght Title at Wrestlemania 23?
  11. Who is the current WWE Champion?
  12. Where did he win it?
  13. Who is the current Intercontinental Champion?
  14. Where did he win it?
  15. Who is the Womens Champion?
  16. Where did s/he win it?
  17. Who are the World Tag Team Champions?
  18. Where did they win it?
  19. Who is the World Heavywieght Champion?
  20. How did they win it?
  21. Who is the US Champion?
  22. Who is the Former US Champion?
  23. How many months was Gregory Helms Cruiserwieght Champion?
  24. Deuce N' Domino are from where?
  25. Are they the WWE Tag Taem Champions?
  26. Who was in the Fatal Four Way Ladder Match at Armageddon 06?
  27. Who won the Champion of Champions Match at Cyber Sunday 07?
  28. Which Title was on the line?

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Quiz topic: Which Brand am I On?