What's your brand name?(By prashant)

Well you may think brand names don't matter but they do, they are reliable, have good quality and keep up with today. So that's why. That is the reason. There you go. Exspense may be bad for you, but don't put down brands like sour grapes.

So what is YOUR brand? Find out now with this fantastic amazing quiz by Prashant who is amazing. Please do this quiz, I want you to and it is Really good!

Created by: Prashant
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like wearing drain pipes?
  2. Do you like your clothes baggy or short or just anything?
  3. Social life=
  4. Me=
  5. Me+new people=
  6. Me+my partner=
  7. Sweets?
  8. My usual=
  9. My mum is called:(this dosnt count)
  10. What boy's name do u hate the most?

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Quiz topic: What's my brand name?(By prashant)