Which Guitar Brand Are You?

There are many devoted rock fans who do not know what guitar brand they are. This is a sad tragedy. Many metal fans do not know what a screaming guitar should be. Help change the world, by taking this test, and sending to a fan in distress.

Are You a Gibson? A Fender? A Dean? An Ibanez? Who knows, and you will never know until you take this test. People who were once devoted Gibson fans, have now converted to Fender. Please take a minute and prove your loyalty to your brand.

Created by: ryan of ultimate-guitar profile
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which tone are you?
  2. What Type of Rock?
  3. Tone:
  4. Neck:
  5. Which Do You Think Is The Coolest?
  6. Whammy Bar
  7. Color
  8. Which Time Period For Rock Music?
  9. Who Do YOU think you are?
  10. If You Were To Ask Your Father To Name One Guitar Brand, Which Would it Be?

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Quiz topic: Which Guitar Brand am I?