Which WWE Superstar are you most like?

Yeah whatever. Random words filling space. WWE Superstars are awesome., Which one are you? Take my quiz to find out. Good luck and god speed. Hope you enjoy the quiz!

Are YOU a WWE Superstar? Of course not!!! But if you take this quiz, you can find out which one you relate with the most! In just a few questions, you'll find out!

Created by: Jayson

  1. What is your fighting style?
  2. What is your favorite WWE match type?
  3. What is your favorite WWE weapon?
  4. What is your favorite WWE title?
  5. If you had to choose one superstar to be your tag team partner, who would you pick?
  6. What is your favorite theme song?
  7. Who is your favorite superstar?
  8. WHat is your favorite brand?
  9. What is your favorite finishing move?
  10. Whick superstar has the coolest stuff on WWEShop?

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Quiz topic: Which WWE Superstar am I most like?