What Kind of Selfclicker Are You?

There are so many people that take pictures of themselves and "self click." You know you do it! Everyone does whether it's out of necessisty or just because it's fun. Do you have what it takes to be a self clicking superstar? Or-are you a closet clicker?

Well you may have wondered where your self clicking intentions lie. Now you can find out if YOU are a selfclicking superstar, or if you're a closet clicker who needs to come out of his/her shell and show the world how magnificent you really are. In a few minutes you'll find out whether you can pose with the best of them, or whether you need a little bit more practice. Keep clicking!!!

Created by: J

  1. How many cameras do you own? (Including phone, webcam, etc.)
  2. Do you take pictures of yourself alone at home in front of your computer? Planning what to wear, what kind of makeup too put on, and how they're going to look on your Myspace, Friendspace, or Facebook Profile?
  3. How many self-clicked photos do you have posted on your Myspace, Facebook, or other internet profile?
  4. When you were a child did you tote around a little 35mm camera with or without film and "pose" for pictures whenever and wherever possible. Perhaps dressing up in your parent's or sibling's clothes and pretending to be a movie star?
  5. Do you view selfclicking as an art form, and a means of self expression?
  6. Do you practice "looks" in the mirror to use in your self-clicking adventures? What about a perfect pout, or a Bettie Page snarl?
  7. Do you have panic attacks when you have to be away from your computer and can't upload your daily supply of selfclicked loviness?
  8. Do you have a pseudonym for yourself that you use as your "Selfclicking" persona?
  9. Do you scour other people's profiles and magazines/web sites-trying to get ideas for poses and or outfits?
  10. Have you ever self-clicked holding or showing off an inanimate object like the ladies of "Prices Right?"

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Selfclicker am I?