How much do you love photography?

Photography lovers are a strange breed, their cameras are constantly attached to them, like some extra organ or hernia on their bodies. They live in darkrooms and annoy endless amounts of people with their snapping. Are you this obssessed?

So, you think you are a photography lover? Fancy yourself a super snapper? Find out how obsessed you are with photography! You might be the occassional snapper or your camera might be attached to your side! You wouldn't argue if someone was to stitch it to you! Find out just how obsessed you are!

Created by: sophie-louise
  1. Do you take your camera to social occassions, such as nights or days out with friends or family get togethers?
  2. What sort of camera do you usethe most?
  3. How many cameras do you own?
  4. Do you put yourself in danger in order to get THAT perfect shot?
  5. Do you have a name for your camera or call it sweetheart, or any other terms of endearment?
  6. If I was to walk into your house there would be...
  7. Do you use a darkroom?
  8. Do people get annoyed with you for always taking photos?
  9. Do you use a studio?
  10. Why did you take this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How much do I love photography?