Are You Addicted to Taking Photos

There are millions of photographers but how bad have you got the photography bug.. Are you 100% infected do you only have occasional bouts of photographic dizziness.. Or are you completely and utterly not bothered.

This fun test will show you are much of the photography bug is flowing through your veins.. Do you live breath and sleep photography. Or does live pass you by and you never ever see the light.. Or are you just a little bit interesting with the camera.

Created by: john ames
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  1. Have you ever slammed on the brakes in the car when you saw a photo.
  2. Have you ever taking pictures from a train window.
  3. How often do you take picture in bad weather?
  4. How often do you carry a camera?
  5. Do you carry lots of equipment?
  6. Do you throw out rejected photos?
  7. Do you show photos to everybody?
  8. Do you often bore people with your photo addiction?
  9. Ever got annoyed out missing a shot.
  10. Ever taken risks to get a picture.

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Quiz topic: am I Addicted to Taking Photos