Does Your Significant Other Really Love You?

The word LOVE can mean many different feelings. Someone can love you as a friend. Someone can love you as a sister/brother, mother/father...etc. But how can you really tell if someone is IN love with you? Sometimes it's hard to tell without feeling like you're doubting your other half's love for you. Maybe this quiz can help you to find out if you are truly loved the way you should be and deserve to be.

Do you wonder sometimes if your significant other really truly loves you? Sometimes people doubt the love the other has, and sometimes people just question it. Let's face it, there are many fish in the sea, but how many fish are really willing to jump out of the water and stay on dry land with the person they truly love without falling back in the water? Let's find out if you are truly loved.

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
How do you feel about your other half?
I love him/her with every inch of my being
I love him/her alot.
I love him/her a little
I think I'm in love
I have mixed feelings
I'm not sure
Do you think that he/she loves you back?
Yes, I know he/she loves me!
I think so
I hope so
I feel he/she does but sometimes I don't
I'm really not sure
I don't know, I don't think so
How many times does your other half take you out on a date?
Every chance he/she gets!
All of the time
Whenever he/she gets around to it
It depends on how much money he/she has
Very seldom
Does your significant other often look at other girls/guys?
Once in a while
I don't pay attention
All of the tiime!
Does he/she talk to you about how his/her day went?
Yes, every single day!
Not all of the time
If he/she isn't too tired
Only if I ask
Do you ever feel trapped in your relationship?
Yes, I do very much
Once in a while
Only when we argue
No not really
Definately not!
Have you ever felt like you were cheated on?
No, not at all!
Sometimes I get the feeling
My instincts can sometimes be wrong
I don't want to accuse him/her if they aren't
Sometimes I'm jealous
Yes I do
Have you ever had the urge to cheat?
No not at all
Sometimes I do
Sometimes I think I want to, but back out
I'm afraid to do it
I'm afraid I might
How does your significant other treat you?
Very well
Very good, but sometimes not good
It could be better
Definately needs work in that area
Not good at all
How long have you been together?
Less than a year
A little over a year
More than a year
Two-Three years
Four-Five years
Six-Ten or more years
Is your significant other affectionate with you in public?
Yes, all of the time
Most of the time
When he/she feels like it
I have to be affectionate first
Not at all
Does he/she change his/her attitude towards you around his/her friends?
It depends on what friends
All of the time!
He/She only treats me like one of his/her friends
I can't stand how he/she changes so drastically
Does he/she respect your wishes to certain beliefs of yours?
Yes, all the way!
It depends on the issue
Not at all
I'm afraid to bring certain things up for fear of an argument
I don't even bother
Does he/she support you when you're feeling down?
Yes, all of the time
Most of the time
Very rarely
He/She shuts down when I'm upset
Not at all
I just lock myself away from him/her until I'm feeling better
Does he/she really listen to you when you are upset or when you're happy about something important to you?
Yes, all of the time!
If I bring it up
No not at all
I have to ask if he/she is listening in the middle of my conversation
I get a better response out of a brick wall
Do you feel that you are soulmates?
Yes I do
No not at all
I don't believe in soulmates
At first I did, but not now, I have mixed feelings
Do you two miss eachother when you don't see eachother for certain periods of time?
Yes, very much
Yes, but it helps with our relationship
Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Not really
Not at all
Do you argue often?
No, not at all
We go through our bouts
It's become a regular thing
All of the time
It depends on the issue

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