Coheed & Cambria

Yes there are plenty of good bands out there, but possibly one of the most significant progressive rock bands of all time is Coheed and Cambria... ok well really I think the most significant prog rock band of all time was Pink Floyd but this quiz is about Coheed so too bad!!!

So do you consider yourself a Coheed fan well if you said yes then good I award you Karma points and a thousand Monopoly dollars. Oh and you can take this quiz to see how much you know about them too...

Created by: adam
  1. What was the name of Claudio's first band
  2. What is the current line up for Coheed & Cambria (as of 2007 in case that line up changes in the future)
  3. which of one the following six songs was not released as a single
  4. what is Claudio's favorite band
  5. The Story behind the Band Coheed and Cambria is most similar to which of the following
  6. which Coheed song shares its title with a Shabutie song even though the two are completely different songs
  7. how many parts does the amory wars series have
  8. finish the lyrics: I've spent so long sitting down here paper...
  9. what is the 4-part series of songs at the end of Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV:Volume I:From Fear through the Eyes of Madness called
  10. are Coheed an emo band

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