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Prog or progressive rock, its been around for sometime and is still pretty popular with a certain breed of music fan. In fact it seams to be making a bit of a comeback.

So you like a bit of prog do you? well lets see how you do. There are 60 questions here ranging from the very easy to the very very hard. So lets test your prog rock credibility.... Good luck.

Created by: Stashy Jon
  1. What was the name of the debut album from Genesis?
  2. Which 17 minute epic track was originally found on the b-side of Marillion's 'Market Square Heroes' 12" single
  3. "Happy Old World" can be found on which Barclay James Harvest album?
  4. James "Crun" Walter was a founding member of which classic band?
  5. Which Canterbury prog / psyche solo artist issued the albums, 'Art Into Dust' , 'Sgt Kipper' & 'A Pair Of Sleepy Red Moose'?
  6. Which keyboard player plays in both Pendragon and Arena?
  7. Which band released the albums, 'Sinking Without You' and 'Settle Up Or Settle Down'?
  8. What album did Yes record as a follow up to '90125'?
  9. Which musician links the bands UK, Uriah Heep, King Crimson, Asia, Wishbone Ash & Vow Wow?
  10. What is the title of Ian Bartlett's recently issued studio out-takes album?
  11. Which musician do the following bands have in common? Greenslade, Manfred Mann, Crazy World of Arthur Brown and King Crimson
  12. Euan Lowson was the original singer for which band?
  13. Which Demon album is often quoted as being the original prog metal LP?
  14. Jerry Goodman started his career as the violin player in which band?
  15. On which Rush album did the 'Starman' logo first appear?
  16. Which famous rock guitarist we briefly a member of Jethro Tull in 1968?
  17. Who recorded the 2009 album 'Into the Valley of the Moonking'?
  18. What was the title of IQ's debut self released cassette album of 1982?
  19. On which album will you find the Greenslade track 'Animal Farm'?
  20. Who issued the album 'Larks' Tongues in Aspic'?
  21. Whats the title of Rooms only released album?
  22. What was the last Pink Floyd studio album to feature Roger Walters?
  23. Which guitarist issued the album 'Out Of The Tunnels Mouth'?
  24. Which band issued the album 'Touch Me'?
  25. Bill MacKechnie is guitarist in which band?
  26. E.L.P's album 'Pictures At An Exhibition' was based on an orchestral work by which composer?
  27. "Their debut work is a concept-album unraveling a dark sci-fi story in which a young girl, who was born in a post nuclear techno society, revolts against her condition (and the AI supremacy) and decides to give birth to a natural child. Due to copyright laws which extend to modified genes, she is found guilty of "gene piracy" and abandoned on the polluted outside. There she meets survivors, and becomes a spiritual guide to them, eventually starting a new religion." What album does this write up refer to?
  28. Who could 'See your House From Here' in 1979?
  29. On which Van der Graaf Generator studio album will you find the track "A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers"?
  30. What band was 'Split' in 1971?

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