The REAL rock quiz

So you think you know Rock? Think so? Ok then take my test and prove me wrong. *Fireworks* Let's take this quiz! The quiz is based on 80's-today rock music not that old 50's crap. This is V-ROCK! V for VAN HALEN AND DO HIM PROUD BY BEATING MY QUIZ!

Are you able to pwn my quiz? we'll see if you can take back my regrets. PWN my quiz and you win! Time to seek and destroy with the Rock Missile! Do you think you can destroy it? Let's see how well you qualify.

Created by: revolver to my head
  1. ok question 1. Who created the epic band Dio?
  2. Which one of these is a song by Escape The Fate?
  3. Is it true that all members of Rise Against are:
  4. Stricken is a song by:
  5. "I dont wanna see the day, ur tears r on my grave..." are lyrics to:
  6. Which is better than Dragonforce?
  7. ok now onto...METALLICA! which of these epic songs is theirs?
  8. My Chemical Romance is awesome. One of these is their song.
  9. Congregation Of The Damned and Lead Sails Paper Anchor.
  10. Which of these is NOT a song by As I lay dying:
  11. The Poison and Hands Of Blood are songs and albums by:
  12. Which one of these is Rage Against The Machine's albums?
  13. Final Question. Do you think you know a lot about rock?

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