are you afraid of commitment?

are you truly ready for commitment? are you ready to stop flirting with other guys and stick to one? do you like being single or do you want a serious relationship?

some people feel lost without a significant other by their side, others dont need love to be happy, find out if your really ready for commitment with this quiz in just a few short minutes.

Created by: danielle
  1. your crush just asked you on a second date, you...
  2. your out with your friends, the guy your hooking up with is there, a really hot guy slips you his number...what do you do
  3. its your guys birthday, what do you get him?
  4. your crush finally asked you out, and he comes to pick you up for the first date, he shows up with flowers you...
  5. your walking down the block and you see the varsity football team who are all relly hot guys, your guy trys to hold your hand you...
  6. your walking down the hall and you see your guy flirting with another girl you...
  7. you hear a rumor that the guy your hooking up with is gonna ask you out what do you do?
  8. you found out that your guy is seeing other people , how do you react?
  9. your bestie just started going out with this really great guy, they seem perfect for eachother and always act so cute...
  10. you just lost your virginity to your crush, and the next day in school he said hi to you but didnt give you a kiss or anything you..
  11. your boyfriend just broke up with you , how are you reacting

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Quiz topic: Am I afraid of commitment?