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Your dealer has demonstrated a commitment to doing things the right way. As physicians, lawyers and all other professional do, this quiz is part of the continuing education program that UDS professes to.

Your Dealer Pricipal & UDS take your AutoMenu certification very seriously. This is an opportunity to enhace & demonstrate your commitment to the process. You may review your notes to take this quiz. Thank you!!!!

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  1. The UDS AutoMenu Online consists of how many pages?
  2. The Deferred Equity Program is available on cash conversions ONLY!
  3. Regualtion Z mandates the use of a menu on any retail consumer we deliver.
  4. The person credited with originating F&I menu selling is....
  5. The base paymnet on lease customers is optional with AutoMenu.
  6. The Advanced Equity Program solicits __________ for payment relief.
  7. The Value Program with Automenu gives the customer the option to...
  8. In a hand written menu, it is OK to line out products which the customer doesn't qualify for.
  9. Menu Selling is recommended by the Uniform Commercial Code.
  10. The initialed paymnet on the menu must match...

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