Why Is It Difficult For You to Commit?

It's a fact that most of us love our freedom. For many of us, the very thought of making a commitment to one woman or one man for the rest of their lives is enough to send them sprinting for the hills. The dreaded "C-word" implies compromise, loss of independence, the sacrifice of sexual variety, and the looming specter of financial devastation. But on the other had Commitment to some isn't such a big issue the questions is can we maintain these commitment before time runs out?

Are you Over come your past, Afraid of disappointments, Love lost, or simply too comfortable in your ways. Well the best way to find out is give it a try before before doing so take this quiz to see where you really stand. Good Luck!

Created by: Jocelyn
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  1. When someone ask you on a date you usually answer by saying?
  2. After dating for 8 months the man or women decides that it's time to take it to the next step, you tell them...
  3. He/she buys ask you what you want for your birthday, you take days to think about it finally you answer...
  4. You friend tells you that her man/women might be cheating on them you say.
  5. Which word means the most to you?
  6. You friend calls you to notify you that they might be an hour late to dinner, you tell them.
  7. Your ex tells you they want to get back with you, you tell them?
  8. He/She invites you to a family wedding, you tell them?
  9. He/She tells you that they want to date other people explore their options then check back in to you. You answer...
  10. How long have you been single?

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