Does Your Crush Like You Back??

Crushes are very complicated. Many signs are shown but its always so confusing! Even if you seriously think you KNOW they like you, I suggest taking this quiz because its based on real facts about crushes, both boys and girls, and could lead you on to a long lasting relationship!

Are so confused that you feel like you are going to explode? Are you wondering if your crush likes you, so much that its tearing you apart? Once again, take this very accurate quiz, to relieve this mind boggling crush you have! Peeaacccee!

Created by: tyrone
  1. Does he/she stare at you during class, or wherever you are?
  2. If so, if your eyes meet, what happens?
  3. Do you two flirt at all?
  4. When at a close distance, what does he/she do?
  5. When your crush is with her friends and you are nearby, how do they react?
  6. Does he/she laugh at your jokes, even if they are really boring or retarded ?
  7. Say you two are sitting next to each other. If you moved a little closer to her, what would their reaction be?
  8. When talking with each other, is he/she easily distracted?
  9. Does he/she copy your actions/movements?
  10. PICK a number!! Doesn't count towards quiz.

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Quiz topic: Does my Crush Like You Back??