Is he/she into you?

If you are crushing on someone, and your not sure if there crushing back. Then this quiz is crutial in figuring that out. It is short and there's not many questions. Its just about what you guys do together. And how much effort the person you like is putting into the relationship.

Does this guy or girl like you? Do they think about you all the time? Is the chemistry there? And should you ask him or her out, give it more time, or find another crush? (maybe one that will crush back.) Take this test and find out.

Created by: Miranda
  1. Does this person walk by your locker more then 5 times a day?
  2. Does this person often try to start conversations with you?
  3. Does this person ever ask you to hangout?
  4. Does he/she offer to carry your books?
  5. Does he/she ever compliment you?
  6. Does this person ever reply to your messages?
  7. how often do you guys talk on the phone?
  8. Do you two hang out with the same people at school?
  9. Has he or she ever tried showing off infront of you?
  10. Does this person use stupid excuses to talk to you?

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