Does He like you?

This quiz is to let you know if the boy your crushing on could be crushing on you as well. The quiz is only 12 questions long and all you have to do is answer honestly to receive accurate results.

Does your crush (boy) like you? The only way you'll know is if you take this quiz. So, go ahead take the quiz and you will know exactly is he likes you and if he doesn't you will get some tips on how to win him over. Enjoy✨

Created by: Anonymous
  1. Does he say hi to you randomly
  2. Does he touch your hands a lot
  3. Does he playfully tease you
  4. Does he stare at you often
  5. Do you guys text each other
  6. Do you hear your name in conversations with his friends
  7. How is the quiz going for you
  8. When is your bday
  9. Does he call you bae
  10. Does he try to sit near you

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