4eva or 4Never?

Is she a total dud or your best bub? How long is forever really? Find out in this best friend quiz. YOU answer questions, HONESTLY, about your BFF. And find out whether or not it's meant to be.

Basic questions on whether or not you and your BFF are gonna last. Here's your chance, take my advice and answer honestly. Good luck, I wish you all the best results!

Created by: NicoleMS
  1. How often does your BFF call/text you?
  2. How many best friends do you know of that she has, other than you?
  3. How does she act around your other best friends?
  4. How long did it take for you two to become best friends, for her? (how long did it take before she started calling you her best friend?)
  5. How long did it take her tor make another best friend(that you know too)?
  6. Does she always put you before herself?
  7. Does she ever try to make you jealous?
  8. How often do you catch her in lies?
  9. Does she always do her best to cheer you up?
  10. Does she ever do things for you?
  11. How often do you two hangout?

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