Does he like you?

You like someone, but aren’t sure what he feels? If he truly have feelings for you, you can find out right here, right now, on this quiz! Trust me! You’ll also have a lot of fun answering this quiz!

One last reminder, you will get an advice once you get your results. If you don’t answer honestly and you follow my advice, things can really mess up. So please answer honestly and don’t be shy. Even if your score isn’t too great, you will be given advice as well.

Created by: Leia
  1. (no effect) Ready to find out wether your true man of love likes you back?
  2. Do you catch him staring at you?
  3. Does he ever speak to you? If so, what does he normally say?
  4. Do you have each others’ numbers? If so, do you talk?
  5. [Imagine] When you’re struggling at schoolwork, what do you think will he do?
  6. [Imagine] When he is with his friends and you walk up to him, what will his friends do?
  7. (no effect) Let fate decide!
  8. (no effect) I need at least ten questions 0^0 So whats up
  9. (no effect) last random question!
  10. Last question, (no effect) Do you think he likes you?

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