Can you trust who you are talking to on the internet?

There are many people on the internet. This quiz is meant to tell you if a person you are talking to on the internet is trustworthy, or if you should really look out for suspicious behavior. I am not sure on the validity of this quiz, but it is an experiment, and I will see as people take it, probably.

This quiz will begin by asking you some questions to measure this person's behavior. Then, the quiz goes on to ask questions about what other people you know think of this person you are talking to. Then, it asks you about your feelings, and then it ends with asking questions about information the person has given you, basically to measure if they are a liar. Enjoy this quiz, and be advised. This quiz may not be completely accurate.

Created by: cutestuffx333
  1. Has this person ever asked you for personal information, IE your full name, address, or where you work/go to school?
  2. If you do not give this person personal information that they ask for, what is their next action?
  3. If you are in a chat or conversation with this person, what do they say when you tell them you will be right back?
  4. How frequently does this person ask you questions you are not comfortable answering, even after you have told them you are not comfortable with their questioning?
  5. When this person gets mad or upset with you, what do they do?
  6. Has this person ever threatened you in any of the following ways? (check the answer that fits best)
  7. If this person has ever done something you did not like as mentioned in the previous question, or anything else you felt uncomfortable with, did they apologize?
  8. How often does this person say or do things that make you feel uncomfortable?
  9. How often do you feel uncomfortable or awkward talking to this person?
  10. You feel that the person you are talking to is a creep, a stalker, or something along those lines:
  11. How often do other people you know say that they believe that this person is a creep, a stalker, or something along those lines?
  12. How many other online users believe that this person is a stalker, a creep, or something else along those lines?
  13. Do you feel that the other online users you talk to about this person are trustworthy people?
  14. These last questions are regarding if the person ever teaches you new information, or shows you things that are supposed to give you a certain message. The things that this person tells me or shows me seem trustworthy:
  15. Do other people trust the things that this person tells you or shows you?
  16. This really only counts if this person has forbidden you from telling anyone or showing anyone the information they give you. If you are not forbidden from telling or showing information, answer that it does not apply. What is this person's status with this information they show or tell yu?
  17. Does any information they tell you or show you contradict?
  18. I am just putting in this question to give this quiz 20 questions. Am I a creep? (does not apply)

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Quiz topic: Can I trust who you are talking to on the internet?