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There are many political parties, but few you can trust. Trust is, after all, quite exceptional in politics. Which political party is trustworthy? The Greens, Labor or Liberal?

Is Julia Gillard, the current Prime Minister, trustworthy? Until now, you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes, you will find out!

Created by: Stephen
  1. Which bank would you put your (or your family's) life savings into?
  2. Which school would you send your children to if you wanted them to be fully equipped and be able to compete effectively in the global economy?
  3. Which legal firm would you appoint if you were running a bona fide corporation?
  4. Which security firm would you appoint to guard your property?
  5. If you were fighting for your life in a battle, who do you think would lay down his or her life for you?
  6. If you want your children to be burdened by a huge national debt (and corresponding high taxes), which party is most likely to deliver this outcome?
  7. Which public relations firm would you appoint to represent if you had knowingly bankrupted a large group of individuals and needed to spin a story to keep them at bay?
  8. Which television programme is better?
  9. How much of your day is spent listening to or watching the Australian Broadcasting Corporation?
  10. On the way to an important campaign meeting, you see a tragic road accident with many people, including children, injured. Who would stop and assist, regardless they will be late or miss the meeting?

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