Australian Political Beliefs Quiz

There are many different kinds of political beliefs.All this stuff to do with politics can get REALLY confusing.Now thats where this quiz comes in. Take the quiz and find political beliefs!

In this quiz you will get around 13 simple questions to do with politics. The results of the answers will then be calculated.In just seconds you will now your results . TAKE THE TEST NOW NOW!!!

Created by: robert aswquee

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  1. Afghanistan and Iraq:What should be done about these conflicts?
  2. Guns:What should be done to control them?
  3. Immigration:What should be done about the expanding population
  4. Pauline Hanson?
  5. Video Games and TV Content:How should the Government act on this issue?
  6. Education:What should be with our children's education?
  7. On a scale from one to six,how strong are your religious beliefs?
  8. Trade Unions and labour:How should the Government act in the issues involved?
  9. What party did you vote for at the last election?
  10. Healthcare:What should the Government do with people's health?
  11. Sex Issues:How should the Government get involved?
  12. Now,how do you see the world?

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